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(EDITOR’S NOTE: The following notes are representative of many letters and Facebook and website postings from Best of Detroit winners. Keep on voting!)

// Overjoyed to be named the Best of Detroit in the category DJ (non-radio). This is love! Huge hand claps and thanks to Hour Detroit magazine … and thanks again for every vote of approval from near and far.
— Maxine Michaels

// I want to offer my sincere thank you to the readers of Hour for voting me Best Local Female Columnist for the fifth time. I am humbled and honored … your encouragement is the fuel for my work. Great things are happening in our region and in our largest city, and I am thrilled to chronicle them.
— Rochelle Riley, Detroit Free Press


George Bulanda did a fine job of capturing the complex story of the Dodge brothers (“Brothers of Invention,” June 2014). You could make a case that without them the city of Hamtramck would not exist. The village would have been absorbed by Detroit if it hadn’t been for Dodge Main and the thousands of people it drew to the town.
Greg Kowalski, chairman, Hamtramck Historical Commission

// I gave your article a very careful read. Your piece is a very nice summary of the lives and accomplishments of the Dodge brothers! You got it right, which, as you know, does not always happen with writers. (With any luck, the article will help generate more interest in my book.)
— Charles Hyde, professor emeritus of history at Wayne State University and author of the 2005 book, The Dodge Brothers: The Men, the Motor Cars, and the Legacy.


We just “fowled” at a graduation party (“Falling for Fowling,” June 2014). No one played Hillbilly Bolo and a few were at the Cornhole. … Fowling ruled the roost. Congrats!
Scott Brown via hourdetroit.com

So grateful that the state is in care of the island (“The ‘New’ Belle Isle,” June 2014). I grew up going there every Sunday, and to this day every spring my children and I go there. So excited to see the improvement and will be spending a lot more time there. It truly is a state treasure.
Margaret Nahas Burzynski via hourdetroit.com

// The “State Boys” are very aggressive … to the point of them being unprofessional. I get they are trying to send a strong message that illegal activity will not be tolerated, but they must allow people to have a good time, too. Every Detroiter isn’t a thug and criminal.
David W. Copeland via hourdetroit.com

// So happy they have been arresting people and getting the riffraff off the island. Way nicer.
Clif Wells via Facebook 

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