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Hats Off! 

Just a note to say thanks for the trip down memory lane with your hatbox article (“Brimming With Style,” November 2014). My wife and I pulled Grandma’s Peck & Peck boxes out of the basement … and found two perfect boxes and three great-looking hats! They looked like something out of the [HBO] show Boardwalk Empire.
— Dave Dragomer, Shelby Township 


Saying Grace

Lovely article. (“An Activist’s Journey,” November 2014) I remember the day at U of M when I heard Jimmy [Boggs] and Grace [Lee Boggs] speak in a class on architecture and social change. They were not widely known yet. I don’t remember the words they said, but I remember thinking, “If people like this are living in Detroit, I want to live there too.” I was right. Thank you Grace and Jimmy. You have both impacted my life and Detroit far more than I think any of us really know …
Jackie Victor, Avalon International Breads, via hourdetroit.com


Air Time

There is no better time, or better views, than a fall color tour in a hot air balloon (“Floating Over Fall,” October 2014). Magical and breathtaking.
Paul Szilagyi via hourdetroit.com


Granola Gains

After being featured in your magazine (“Taking Root,” November 2014), this was the next greatest thing that happened to us: Busch’s Fresh Food Markets picked up our products.
—Christine Cross, The Granola Tree, via Facebook


Coverage and Sponsorship Kudos

Thank you to for covering our Kick Off Party at Mike’s on the Water (“Party Pics,” hourdetroit.com) and for all your continued support!
The Lake House, via Facebook 


// A huge thank you to DIFFA Dining by Design Detroit’s Media Sponsors: Hour Detroit, Between The Lines newspaper, Flame Magazine, FOX 2 Detroit, and CBS Outdoor Detroit. Thank you for always being a good friend to Michigan AIDS Coalition!
Shanthi L. Sivanandham via Facebook


Solid Gold

So proud of Olympic gold medalists Charlie [White] and Meryl [Davis] (“The Golden Touch,” November 2014). They are great examples to show what hard work and dedication can accomplish.
Judi Jan via hourdetroit.com