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Detroit has the most amazing old homes. Too bad so many are vacant. I can only imagine Detroit in its heyday. Good to read about Reclaim Detroit (“Deconstructing Detroit,” May 2014).

— Joel Guldner via Facebook

// Racket. Blight Busters earmarks the properties, Reclaim strips the valuables and resells them to yuppies, then Rock recoups the properties. The prostitution of Detroit.

— Sovereign Dee via Facebook



Excellent article (“Bourbon is Back,” May 2014). Well done! Cheers! Stop down to NOLA and we’ll toast one another!

— The Bourboneer (a Facebook page/guide to enjoying the experience of New Orleans), via Facebook

// If it’s not from Kentucky how can it be called bourbon? Anything outside of Bourbon County is just considered whiskey. Same as anything not from Portugal cannot be called a Port.

— Aaron Davison, via Facebook



Wednesday date night and we ate at Trattoria Da Luigi (“Honest and Well Done,” April 2014). Delicious meal, great service, a true neighborhood gem. Also enjoyed the live music. We’ll be back!

—Rachelle L. Cherkasov, via Facebook

// So proud of my father’s restaurant. This review really sums up the restaurant, as well as my father. No pretentious bulls***, just an honest and well-done meal!

— Mario Cutraro via Facebook



Diamond Jim Brady’s still does the occasional roadhouse-style frog legs (“When Frogs Were King,” May 2014) on the weekends and they are delicious!

— Sharon Juergens Korn via Facebook

(EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve also seen them on the menu at places including Peabody’s in Birmingham and Scotty Simpson’s Fish & Chips in Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood.)



I’ve noticed that on occasion you cast your restaurant net beyond the metro area. In the hinterlands of Imlay City stands The Mulefoot Gastropub — a shining example of all you could want in a joyous dining experience. Matt and Mike Romine (identical twins) grow, shop, and cook local. It is totally unpretentious and welcoming. Check them out (themulefoot.com).

— Sheleen Henshaw, Almont 


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