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Standing ‘Os’ From Near and Far

Oneita is indeed magnificent, and this article (“Oneita the Magnificent,” January 2015) captures some of her welcoming charm. A true ambassador. Oneita, when are you going to run for mayor?
— Jenni Wieland, Austin, Texas, via Facebook

// The writer did a good job of capturing the Oneita I once served as editor.
— Ron Dzwonkowski, Novi, via Facebook 

// Thank you so much for spotlighting one of Detroit’s jewels.
— Andrea Henson, University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Letters and Science


Labor of Love

We are pleased and very happy that Hour featured our store (“Mercury Rising,” December 2014). It has truly been a labor of love, and we look forward to meeting new people daily who visit.
— Mercury Retropolis, via Facebook


Captured Tradition

Thank you so much for the excellent article (“Spirited Meals,” November 2014). We have received numerous telephone calls and emails about it. You managed to capture so well the tradition from our perspective and relay it in a way that people outside of our community could understand it.
—Euphemia “Sue” Franklin, executive director, South Eastern Michigan Indians, Inc.


Author, Author!

As an award-winning local children’s book author, I so enjoyed the inspirational story “Students As Storytellers” (January 2015). Kudos to all those involved in getting kids to love writing, drawing, and reading — things that seem to have gone by the wayside in the electronic age.
— Nancy Stapleton


Wild About White Horse

Wow! This looks awesome (“Back in the Saddle,” January 2015). If I ever take a trip back to Michigan I will go see it. Used to go there on snowmobiles!
— Charlotte Earp, via Facebook 

// Went here during the holidays … one of my new favorite restaurants! It’s a special place.
— Julie Francis, via Facebook

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