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Praise us or pan us, but just putit down in words. Bravos orboos, we want to hear from you.

On the “to-do” list …

Without reservation, I believe your August 2013 issue is the best I’ve ever read! Excellent research, writing, photography, advertising, editing, and publishing. As a native of this community, I’ve seen good times and bad. Right now it is hard to ignore bad press. It is hard to be optimistic. What is easier to do is simply love the city and the people who strive to make it better each day. I love Sanders’ hot fudge sundaes, Vernors ginger ale, dessert at the Whitney, summer jazz at Campus Martius, and a stroll in the cool breeze along the RiverWalk. — Sarah Saker

I’ve subscribed to Hour Detroit for years and really enjoy it. I do need to point out something on your list of “101 Things Every Detroiter Should Do.” Number 038 is listed as “Polish up your act.” You suggest going to a Polish restaurant and then go on to mention Under the Eagle. I got excited because I thought that Under the Eagle had re-opened. I loved that restaurant. But when I checked, it was, alas, still closed. — Rich Roberts, via Facebook (Editor’s Note: It must have been wishful thinking. We loved it, too!)

Your magazine is funny. You’d think Detroit was this hip, happening town with all this exciting stuff instead of a bankrupt, decaying city that everyone else sees. — Douglas Stangler, via Facebook

Kids at Work?

Thank you, Hour Detroit. Even though we look like a bunch of children (August 2013). —The Work, via Facebook. (The Work is a Detroit-based post-production house we profiled in August.)

Getting Noticed

Thank you so much for the wonderful listing and photo in the August issue about the Fine Art at the Village. I received several telephone calls from patrons who said they saw the notice in Hour. I spoke to several visitors at the art fair and they also said they saw the notice. Your magazine is widely read and respected by all. — Donna Beaubien, Director, Fine Art at the Village

Downriver Fans

I appreciated the Downriver feature in the August 2013 issue. However, two of Downriver’s most popular restaurants were unfortunately absent: R.P. McMurphy’s and Angelina’s Mexican Restaurant, both on Biddle Avenue in Wyandotte. Loved the overall August issue. Thanks! — Abby Nowakowski

Let’s Twist, Again

I enjoyed the article written on my dad, Hank Ballard (March 2013). Thank you so much. It’s a blessing and not taken for granted. — Daryle Ballard, son of the original twister

Born Free

If the Lowland gorilla Pende could read your article (August 2013) I’m sure he would thank you for the love, but would tell you that he would rather face the hardship
and danger of his home than be caged. — Dolores Wilson

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