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Food-Loving Feedback

// I absolutely love this article (“A Long Day’s Coney Into Night,” July 2015). There are always so many random types of people at Lafayette. I’ve always just wanted to know people’s stories. — Tifani Jones Sadek via hourdetroit.com


// This local spot (Chartreuse in “On Being Green,” July 2015) has become our neighborhood favorite … the friendly people that work there and the new people you meet over dinner at the bar. — Natalia Sleeman via hourdetroit.com


// Nothing better than The Mulefoot Gastropub! (“Best of Detroit,” June 2015) Such amazing food, people, and atmosphere. They truly care about what they put on the plate. Definitely worth the hour drive, but make sure you make reservations! This place is consistently packed! — Law Firm of Victoria via Facebook


// It seems to me the Restaurant of the Year should be around for more than a year before it is so named; e.g. Torino (March 2015). It serves the magazine poorly to rave about a restaurant, which closes so soon after the designation. There are others more deserving. — Thomas Konet via email


// Hour Detroit readers named Robert Vedder, my nephew, as their favorite cicerone in the “Best of Detroit 2015” issue. What’s that? A cicerone is to beer what a sommelier is to wine — a guide. He says his favorite is whatever is cold and in his hand. — Vic Amato via Facebook


Facing Off

(Editor’s note: Below is just a sample of comments about a “Special Promotional Section” that ran in the advertising section of our August 2015 issue.)


// I usually really enjoy the material in Hour and I understand that there needs to be a lot of advertising to finance the production of any periodical, but this month was ridiculous. How can you pretend that your “Faces of Detroit” was nothing but an advertisement for a bunch of businesses? For instance Detroit is represented by 15 dentists? I know our teeth are important, but that’s a joke. I don’t know how you, who knows the ebbs and flows of a great city like Detroit, could consider this group a representation of us. After reading those great food articles I got to this and it ruined the issue. — Mike Simoff via email 


// Where is the diversity in “Faces of Detroit”? Very disappointed. (Twitter comment)