We’ve Got Mail…

Praise us or pan us, but just put it down in words

Pop Praise

Thank you so much for your support of Vernors and the big 150th event in your June edition (“A Ginger Tale,” June 2016). The article was great; the layout was fantastic; the photos were the best I’ve ever seen. This is an important event for such an iconic Detroit brand. I’m so happy it was honored so nicely in Hour Detroit.
— Keith Wunderlich via email

More Training Required?

Recently, an article was published in Hour Detroit about the Gratitude Training in which the author of the essay recently participated (“‘Thank You For My Horrible Life,’ ” June 2016). 

Despite a select few words of pseudo affirmation of the work, the bulk of the essay conveyed patronizing judgment of the training and its participants. Admitting her pre-existing cynicism, the author used quotation marks to dismissively reference various experiences that, in the context of the training room, are meant to be powerful and meaningful. The overriding emotion I felt while reading this article was betrayal. Not just personal betrayal: individual and collective betrayal.

As someone who completed the Gratitude Training last year, I can speak to the positive impact it has had on my life and the lives of others. Important — no, critical to note — is that the writer did one part of a three-part course. Four days of a training that in its entirety takes at least six months to complete. Kind of like eating the food and judging its taste and texture before it’s fully cooked. 
— Karen Gordon Rosenberg via email

You All Scream for Ice Cream

I’ve had a taste of The Detroit Ice Cream Co. RenCenRed Velvet, (“Cream of the Crop,” June 2016). It’s a taste I’ll never forget. Reminds me of sitting on the porch in the ’70s eating ice cream and listening to the crickets. Ahhh, just enjoying being a kid. Great flavor.  
— Shawn Emefiele via Facebook

Vicky’s Ice Cream is the very best by far. You get that at home feeling with friendly atmosphere! Fred makes the very best flavors and takes pride in his store.
— Claudia Walker via Facebook

Love Big Bang Ice Cream. Wish there was a solid location. Get it when you can. It tastes great, lots of flavors, and Tom Poyma is very kind and lots of fun.
— Teresa Brown Withrow via Facebook