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Let’s Talk about Heroin

This is a huge issue with me (“The Gateway Drug,” Health Guide 2016). I see it literally every single day I work. I’ve discussed the inappropriate prescribing of opiates to my superiors several times and I’ve had retaliation because of it. There is no reason why a 23-year-old needs 2 mg of Dilaudid IV every two hours for a UTI or a poison ivy rash. In order to pull Dilaudid out of the Pyxis (the med dispensing machine), I have to acknowledge a screen that says I realize Dilaudid is much stronger than morphine. Big deal. I’m not the one prescribing it. This kind of stuff drives me nuts. — Jennifer Hyypio Mather via Facebook

I’m bitter. Now addiction is a crisis instead of a crime because it had a healthy, white face. — Maimunah Baqui via hourdetroit.com

Is it Hot in Here?

Sure would be nice if they had a day for women only (“Holy Schvitz,” February 2016) where we can smoke cigars and talk about various sweaty fun stuff as well (grin, wink). They have three (days) for men only? It would be such fun to go without the men there. Just like you men enjoy the bro time, we like girl time, too.— Debra Hoekstra via hourdetroit.com

Great place. I loved to go there when I lived in Detroit. I remember they had a couples’ day, like a true nudist club. — Russell Spice via hourdetroit.com


Family Matters

My husband and I struggled for years to conceive, and I thought that adoption would be our only option (“The Quest for a Family,” Health Guide 2016). I have tried IVF, and had two failed rounds. It was too expensive so we needed to check other options. Adoption costs a lot of money, too. (We) tried different fertility treatments and medications before something finally worked. … I’m so happy we found something. We’re now proud parents of a beautiful, little boy. I’m so blessed with a wonderful husband, family, and friends. — Jody Perry via hourdetroit.com

My husband and I were TTC (trying to conceive) for four years and eventually sought out the help from a fertility clinic. After several visits and interviews, we chose the Fertility Institute of San Diego. I am so grateful for the continuous development and advances related to fertility treatments. We did two rounds of IVF and are now a happy family of three. — Stephanie Barnard via hourdetroit.com