We’ve Got Mail…

Praise us or pan us, but just put it down in words. Bravos or boos, we want to hear from you.


Thank you for including the vegan Thanksgiving menu by Chef Thomas Lasher (“Variations On A Theme,” November 2013). As a longtime vegetarian and now vegan, I am so happy to see this lifestyle included in a beautiful high-end magazine like Hour. It made my subscription worth it! Thank you for showing that ethical, healthy meals are delicious, not deprived. I hope Hour continues to showcase the many hidden gems all around metro Detroit with vegan menus (Gastronomy, Southern Nosh, Detroit Vegan Soul, Jazzy Veggie, Try It Raw, Cacao Tree Cafe, and Bacco). Please consider adding these to your Restaurant Guide as well — metro Detroit has many more options for vegetarians besides the two standbys always listed (Inn Season Cafe and Seva). Much gratitude! — Noelle Grain via email

My wife and I have been to Loya Organic Restaurant (West Bloomfield) several times. Every meal has been a delight. We think your readers should know. — Kevin Gualdoni via email


I waited to read Richard Bak’s “The Darkest Friday” (November 2013) until this weekend (the anniversary of JFK’s assassination). For someone who was not born until several decades after this tragedy, I enjoyed learning about some of the Michigan connections, such as the man from Grand Rapids who played “Taps” at the funeral. What really got to me was the heavy emotion that was conveyed through the words. During parts I found myself tearing up. Thank you for such a well-written story. — Stephanie Harrington-Shellhaas, via Facebook

I was at that Goodfellows football game at Tiger Stadium that Friday night (in 1963). I was 12, and Mom worked at Denby. She was proud as a single mom to take me and my younger brother to that game. I remember it — and the whole weekend — as surreal. What were we doing at a football game? It was absurd. As you noted, Commissioner Pete Rozelle didn’t cancel the NFL games that Sunday, either, and regretted that as his greatest mistake. — Tom Oren via hourdetroit.com, Silver Spring, Md.


One word sums this restaurant up. Fantastic (November 2013). Highly recommend the steak options. Very good! — John Jackson, Oakland Community College via hourdetroit.com


I was extremely interested in the book review of Death’s Door (November 2013). My father, Robert Schrepper, was with the Michigan National Guard in Calumet when the Italian Hall disaster occurred. He was only 19 … he had claustrophobia for the rest of his 80 years due to the tragedy. I am eager to see the PBS documentary about the event. — Joan Schrepper Leininger, West Bloomfield