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Cleaning Up History?

Just as I was looking for a good example of how white society routinely sanitizes its history, I happened across your article on the “Irish” legacy of the Macomb family. Let’s leave aside the fog covering the celebration of military heroism and success as defined by prowess at killing indigenous people. Even more stunning is the failure to mention that family patriarch William Macomb kept slaves on both Belle Isle and Grosse Ile.
— Frank Joyce, via email


A Quick Beer (and Response)

(Editor’s note: Minutes after our beer blogger Jerry Blakeslee posted a story about the opening of the Rochester Tap Room, (hourdetroit.com) there was a new fan.) 

Congratulations Missy and Crew. See you in about an hour.
— Jeffrey Chynoweth, director of development at MI Earth Day Fest


Modernized Motown

I’m enjoying reading the April edition, especially about the Motown Museum’s 30th anniversary. The Motown Mic poetry slam is a very creative way to re-engage the community. I’ve visited the museum, but it has been awhile. As a result of reading Jim “Jimmy Mack” McFarlin’s article, I intend to visit soon!
— Maribeth Farkas, via email


Pewabic Praise

I love a strong creative female businesswoman — especially Marry Chase Perry Stratton, founder of Pewabic Pottery (“The Way it Was,” March 2015).
— Madalyn Knebel Design


A Home Run for Champions Day

I just read your article (“It Was a Very Good Year,” April 2015). It was an excellent read and you really nailed down every point for the struggle to bring this story back. You are the first writer I’ve talked to who actually “gets” what I’ve been trying to say. Long live Champions Day!
— Charles Avison, Detroit City of Champions Project, via email


Taking Down Torino

Restaurant of the Year Torino? Took my wife there for our anniversary based on your award. Seriously? There is no way that’s the best restaurant in Detroit.
— Gaal Karp, via email