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Tiger Tales

I look forward to seeing Ta-Shi (“Animal Attraction,” February 2013). Thank you, Detroit Zoo, for being one of my favorite places on earth. I love the flying peacocks who randomly follow me around. What a magical place!
— Barbara Eilenfield

Court Retort

Judge Brian MacKenzie (“The Court of Compassion,” February 2013) is quite a character, has a fabulous sense of humor, is warm and personable, and you can definitely tell he cares about people and enjoys life. Being a fellow veteran, I am always passionate about [veterans] issues.
Terrance Newton, Petoskey

Stiggy’s Dogs is an amazing group of people who put their heart and soul into their work. Love them all and the job they do! — Raynie Hubble-Bohlmann, Webberville

Local Praise

Well-written, descriptive, and accurate article about Local Kitchen and Bar (February 2013), my favorite new metro-Detroit spot. It’s been a blast to go from hearing all about Chef Rick’s “vision” for his new restaurant in between swimming laps at the Sports Club to actually seeing and experiencing Local.
Lisa Biddinger Hysni, West Bloomfield

If there is a testament to the “times they are a changin’ ” culinary scene being informalized and localized, it’s a picture of Pops drinking a beer (I bet it’s a local brew too … Saison?). Much love to my Daddy!
Andy Halberg, Asheville, N.C.

Pho Sho

Pho Que Huong is my go-to place (“Pho,” February 2013) … After living in D.C. for eight years, where pho was already a big deal, I’m very happy to see that it has caught [on] in my hometown. — Cydni Thebert, Ferndale

Within Their ‘Jurisdiction’

Midtown’s Boys in Blue” (March 2013) refers to the Wayne State University police department doing various police activities out of their “jurisdiction.” The term may be confusing to the general public, since most people interpret “jurisdiction” as a boundary where a police department has the power of the law and may initiate law enforcement action. The term “main patrol area” is more accurate. In fact, the Wayne State police jurisdiction is the entire city of Detroit because they are commissioned by the city. — Name withheld by request


Although the Lindell bar opened in 1949, the photo shown in “The Way It Was” (March 2013) was actually taken in 1963.

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