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Buen Trabajo

Martina, this well-written article (“From Tires to Tequila,” February 2016) brought back some sweet memories. It seems like yesterday when we flew down to Los Altos with a TV crew and produced a one-hour program highlighting all the above. The best part was having you as our host. Un fuerte abrazo, keep up the great work! — Maria Elena Perea Rodriguez via hourdetroit.com


// Inspiring article. Congrats to Martina Guzmán and the Lopez family! Keep up the great work everybody! — Myrna Segura via hourdetroit.com


// I look forward to trying Tequila Cabresto. I love añejos. Good luck! — Elayne Sikelianos via hourdetroit.com


Uber Opinions

Not only is it exploitation, it’s going to become unsafe for riders (“Day Tripper,” January 2016). This is what happens when you have an unsustainable business model; corners will be cut. A race to the bottom hurts everyone, riders and drivers alike. — Steve Palmer via Facebook


// Cash tips should be allowed. If I were a driver, I think I’d put a tip jar in plain sight with a buck or two in it as a hint. — Connie McKay via Facebook


// They discourage tipping because every transaction is cash free. To allow tipping would imply that the driver has cash on them … when they do not. It is for safety. The drivers I have ridden with have no problem with it. — Alice White-Kaminski via Facebook


Lights Out

Reminds me of a story a Tech School instructor once told of that Purple Gang era, a kid prank (“Six Appeal,” January 2016). His friend’s mother had a large Buick sedan. The boys drove it to the river shore one evening. Speed boats from Canada came into the Detroit drainage system area to drop off booze. They flashed the Buick headlights a couple times. Bang, bang! Someone out on the river took out their lights. They never did it again. Don’t know what kind of story they told the mom. — Hugh Nutting via hourdetroit.com


Someone’s Reading Back Issues

I hope somebody or an organization/museum is involved in maintaining the estate and all remaining artwork of Leroy Foster (“Bigger Than Life,” February 2014) to give future generations a view of life and aspirations of the late 20th century.  — David Jones via hourdetroit.com