We’ve Got Mail…

Praise us or pan us, but just put it down in words

There goes the neighborhood?

We were totally disgusted with the story “Finding Safe Haven” (March 2016). Why don’t you send a real reporter to the pigsty called Hamtramck and see how (refugees) really live! I’m a lifelong resident and have seen many changes to a once beautiful clean town. Refugees are coming because they are exempt from the rules and regulations enforced on law-abiding citizens! How come they can illegally park in front of fire hydrants and nothing is done about it? You would not understand since your magazine only caters to the rich and famous of the Grosse Pointes! — Carol Ann Tasky via email

It’s the Schvitz

Great article (“Holy Schvitz,” February 2016). My grandfather Carl Weiner was one of the buyers in 1976 and I grew up running around this place. I’ll have to go check it out again. — Colin Clements via hourdetroit.com

Weeding Out the Lies

Don’t believe studies or professionals when it comes to PTSD (“War, on Drugs,” February 2016). Do not trust the words of someone with an incentive of monetary gain (or who) represent big pharma. Instead, trust the veteran whose only incentive is to find peace. — Robert W. Wunderlich via hourdetroit.com

Prohibition of marijuana is built upon a tissue of lies: concern for public safety. Our new laws save hundreds of lives on the highways alone. Consider federal census stats on driving fatalities from 1990 to 2009. All states have seen death rates drop, but on average, those with medical marijuana laws posted declines 12 percent larger than the nonmedical states. — William Clark, via hourdetroit.com

It’s Z Best

Best food in the D! Great people, loyal patrons; reminds me of a “Cheers” kind of place (“Hitting Z Spot,” March 2016). The outdoor space is amaZing. Congratulations to the Z brothers for staying loyal to Detroit for 40 years. —Mary T. Pasque via hourdetroit.com

Take Me to Church

Thank you for that awesome photo of the African Methodist Episcopal and wonderful history lesson (“The Way It Was,” February 2016). I absolutely love your magazine. Those wedding photos rocked too! — Gary A. Mason, Alger Correctional Facility

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