We’ve Got Mail… December 2008

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Hats Off!

We’ve Got Mail… December 2008I am delighted to have worked with [fashion contributor] Taryn Bickley for Hour Detroits September 2008 issue. I wanted to share the very nice kudos Hour (and, OK, Gena Conti Millinery) received from a potential client in Fort Worth, Texas.

She had been visiting my Web site, and spotted the Hour Detroit September issue on my front page. She loved the cover, and could not say enough about it! As I’ve heard from many people, it’s “very smart, sexy, very Vogue for Detroit, makes us all look good.”

The Texas client wants the entire outfit, from hatted head to toe. She’s called me three times for more information. I relayed the credits and also contacted Ms. Bickley, who was so kind to assist.

— Gena Conti, Wyandotte

Dapper Pugh

I was looking at the November 2008 issue with the Best-Dressed list [November 2008] and was wondering why Charles Pugh from Fox 2 News wasn’t on this list. He’s a sharp-dressed, well-groomed man who pays attention to detail. He dresses and looks as good as the men listed (or even better than a few of them).

— Dawn Wilkes

Editor’s note: Pugh does indeed dress well, which is one reason why he was featured in Hour Detroit’s “What’s in My Closet” feature in February 2006. Metro Detroit is home to many stylish dressers. As the introduction to our Best-Dressed story mentioned, our 29 fashion plates represented only some of this community’s deserving denizens.

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