We’ve Got Mail: January 2011

Praise us or pan us, but just put it down in words. Bravos or boos, we want to hear from you.

POW Connection

I have been an Hour Detroit subscriber for many years. In the November issue, the POW/MIA list caught my eye. I saw a name that I recognized. Sometime in 1968 or ’69, as a student at St. Cyril High School in Detroit, I acquired a POW bracelet with the name Capt. Frederick Wozniak. Every so often, I come across the bracelet and wonder whether he was ever found. I’m wondering if the soldier listed in your article and my bracelet could be the same person. If so, I wonder if the family of Capt. Wozniak would like his bracelet.
— Mary Banaszak Kingston, Harper Woods

Moving Memories

I’ve clipped the article about Mariners’ Church [November 2010, “Anchored in Rich History”] because my father was the contractor who moved it. He just turned 89 and I’m sure he’d love to take the stroll down memory lane. I really enjoy the magazine.
— Karen Braun, Bloomfield Township

Tweet Talk

You did a nice piece on celebrities tweeting positive stuff about the “D” while in town [October 2010, “Shooting Stars”]. Someone should try to quantify the dollars around this. [With] Rick Snyder [as] governor, the tax credit [may] go bye-bye along with jobs, revenue to restaurants and hotels, and positive “viral” press.
— Ben Guthrie, Bloomfield Hills

Energetic Wyandotte

I’m so encouraged by the story on geothermal energy in Wyandotte [November 2011, “Turning Up the Heat”]. I’ve been looking at the new energy/green energy changes in Michigan for some time, and just reading this gives hope that Michigan can play an important role in producing multiple streams of energy. It’s also a sign that Michigan can, in fact, compete globally in the manufacturing and producing of goods/services and jobs. I really want to move to Wyandotte!
— Maria Sears, Inkster

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