We’ve Got Mail… July 2009

Praise us or pan us, but just put it down in words. Bravos or boos, we want to hear from you

Hodak’s Sunny Outlook

I just wanted to express my gratitude for being included in your Best of Detroit issue [June 2009]. To be selected by your readers for this distinction was certainly gratifying. But I was also impressed by the wonderful photo that accompanied the honor. Photographer Justin Maconochie did a masterful job in capturing a behind-the-scenes image of our studio workspace. Many of my Channel 7 colleagues have praised the result of his efforts. Thank you for the very professional presentation.

— Jerry Hodak, WXYZ-TV, Southfield

A Green Thumbs Up

Just a quick note to say that your article on “Yardchitecture” [April 2009] turned out great! Clever, informative, catchy layout. Thanks for including Goldner Walsh and me. I felt honored.

— Cathy Bell, landscape designer, Goldner Walsh Nursery, Pontiac

Crash and Burn

I assume you must know by now that you incorrectly identified Dale Earnhardt Jr. as Jeff Gordon [June 2009 “Up to Speed”]. This would be like mistaking Mickey Mantle for Roger Maris or Coleman Young for Kwame Kilpatrick. Additionally, vehicles used in the Sprint Cup Series weigh 3,400-3,500 pounds, not 6,000-7,000 as indicated by the 3 and a half tons comment. I understand that there are probably not many readers of Hour who know the difference. As a 25-year follower of the sport, I felt that it needed to be brought to your attention.

— Burnell Grieve, Shelby Township
NASCAR racing fans will be disappointed that you named Dale Earnhardt Jr. as Jeff Gordon in the picture of your June 2009 issue. Oh, well. They’re forgiving people. Have a good one!

— Elizabeth Alcorn

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