We’ve Got Mail: June 2011

Praise us or pan us, but just put it down in words. Bravos or boos, we want to hear from you.

Inge Is a Hit

Brandon Inge is what I consider a consummate professional. He gives 100-percent effort all of the time. People might not like that he strikes out a lot, but a strikeout is the same as any other out. The value of a player is what he does to produce (or save) runs. No one can doubt that his fielding skills save runs. Whether it’s getting on base by any means (like walking after producing a 15-pitch count) and scoring or getting a walk-off home run — he consistently has produced offense when it matters. He’s a hero to me like Al Kaline was. He’s played the game the right way, not cheating by popping pills, but by practice and hard work.
The article [“Home at Third,” April 2011], showing that he carries himself well off the field, has furthered my respect. He’s a man all Michiganders can be proud of.

— Erik Wern, Southfield

On the Record

Great article [on Record Time, April 2011], Mike. Your mother would have enjoyed your success. Good luck in the future.

—  Judy Wilson, Warren, Penn.

Lauding Logan

A fantastic restaurant! [Review of Ann Arbor’s Logan, April 2011]. The food, the atmosphere, and the people are amazing.

— Katie Rzetelny

Positive Charge

Enjoyed your positive spin, Rebecca [Letter From the Editor, April 2011]. So much of the news reported today is negative.

—  Terry Roth Samuels, Birmingham

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