We’ve Got Mail: March 2011

Praise us or pan us, but just put it down in words. Bravos or boos, we want to hear from you.

Back to Skoo

Regarding “40 Words and Phrases Not to Use” [December 2010]: bravo! Add to that list: Fords (without the apostrophe), alot (one word), and “skoo” (for school).

— Ed Tusset, Plymouth

A Pitch for Mitch

I have always loved your magazine because it showcases what Detroit has to offer. But your “Candy Cane or Coal” list [December 2010] seems to have another agenda. Last year when I read it and saw Mitch Albom’s name listed under “A Lump of Coal,” I figured that whoever wrote this article had a chip on his/her shoulder.

This year, Albom made the list again. His offense? Bringing himself into his Free Press stories. He’s listed along with felons, bribers, bigots, child tormenters — and some good people who suffered lapses of judgment. But coal for Albom two years in a row? Are you kidding?

I’ve always felt that Albom is one of the best ambassadors of Detroit. Whenever he writes, whenever he speaks, it’s always promoting Detroit and Detroiters, Michigan and Michiganders. He has many accomplishments — he has written best-selling books and a slew of articles for local and national publications. He has founded organizations to help the needy in our city and has extended his volunteerism to aid Haitian children. His very touching tribute at the Fox to Ernie Harwell in conjunction with the unveiling of his latest book was an event that my husband and I never will forget.

How about giving him a candy cane instead of a lump of coal for December 2011?

— Carol Lyons, West Bloomfield Township