We've Got Mail: May 2011

Praise us or pan us, but just put it down in words. Bravos or boos, we want to hear from you.

Pleasant Discovery

I discovered your oddly shaped publication on a magazine rack in a beauty/barbershop. The unique size (very large) and colorful cover piqued my curiosity. Flipping through the pages, I discovered a hidden treasure of information throughout, including delicious details on many diverse restaurants. I also noticed that it promoted local tourism. Additionally, two of the featured articles in your March 2011 issue (the benefits of learning a foreign language and the Restaurant of the Year) served as reading-worthy material. After reviewing the magazine, I completed and mailed one of the subscriber cards — immediately. I look forward to each issue [of] a magazine with a purpose and a mission that’s effectively executed each month. Thanks!

— Pinara D. Smith, Canton Township

Defining Spring

I looked up “spring” in the dictionary: Hour Detroit’s April 2011 issue. Standouts: the carousel fashion spread and the Edsel & Eleanor Ford house photos.

—  Ed Nakfoor, Birmingham

Ideal Idyll

Wow, Justin Maconochie’s images look fantastic [“American Idyll,” April 2011]. And the write-up turned out to be a lovely recognition of the work of Don Snodgrass — perfect for his farewell. 

— Ann Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Communications,
Edsel & Eleanor Ford House, Grosse Pointe Shores


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