We’ve Got Mail… November 2009

Praise us or pan us, but just put it down in words. Bravos or boos, we want to hear from you

Accurate Portrait

My personal thanks for the opportunity to address in your September Hour Detroit publication the challenges we face today in raising money for arts and cultural institutions in our city and throughout our region. I also appreciate the way in which Nancy [Nall Derringer] reported my comments and hope your readers will understand the severity of our funding challenges and make a difference now when we need their extra help more than ever.

— Eugene A. Gargaro Jr., Chairman, Detroit Institute of Arts

House Beautiful

I would like to thank you for your wonderful article on Cranbrook’s Milles House [September 2009]. The space is architecturally and historically important. Lynda Charfoos captured both in her design and you have documented it for the future.

— Maxine Frankel, Chair, Cranbrook Art Academy and Art Museum Board of Governors

Past & Present

Your article “Art History Class” [September 2009] was spectacular. Your articulation of the challenge of the space was insightful. Your homage to the historic past gives the reader a sense of Cranbrook’s contribution to design and what a jewel we have in Detroit. Of course, Justin Maconochie’s photographs always convey the beauty of the space.

— Lynda Charfoos, ASID, Charfoos Design, Bloomfield Hills

Kudos to McFarlin

A thanks to Jim McFarlin for explaining his kidney disease [October 2009].

I was recently diagnosed myself, and his cogent and wry explanation of his travails offered a valuable view into a possible path of mine. And his underlying optimism is a source of inspiration, as I’d thought I had choices between dialysis and transplantation in my immediate future.

I had just returned from a CT series at a local hospital when the October 2009 Hour Detroit arrived — couldn’t have been more timely.

— Steven Pitzer, Highland Township


I just finished reading Jim McFarlin’s article on kidney disease [October 2009]. My husband has also been diagnosed with Stage IV kidney failure.

His story is so close to my husband’s; it was eerie reading it.

Rather than gout, my husband fell and crushed his heel and suffers from daily foot pain.

Please let Jim know we will be saying a small prayer that he continues his “good” health. Now, trying to get my husband to cut out all of the foods Jim listed may be a real problem.

— Linda and Gene Patroske, Commerce Township

In the October issue, Marc Dunn, M.D., affiliated with Royal Oak Beaumont, should have been included as a Top Doc in the Pulmonology category. Also, Dr. John Krauss’ name was misspelled under Oncology.

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