Wishing & Hoping

Letter from the Editor

Rebecca PowersA picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. And, between the covers of Hour Detroit, that’s literally true. Each one of our oversize pages can accommodate 1,000 words of print.

We choose our words carefully. But like melody for lyrics, pictures go a long way toward evoking a mood. Just check pages 41-44 for heart-tugging evidence of that.

Stories generally start with words, and the pictures become the beautiful overlay. In planning our annual gift guide, we began with a little wordplay, considering classic combinations such as rich & famous, sugar & spice, salt & pepper, and then considered how those pairings could translate into gift-related photographs. We hope our list of this & that, which we called “Past & Presents,” inspires a lighthearted approach to the shopping season.

Our local retailers — who put an extra bright face forward this month with whimsical storefront displays — are waiting for us to spy their show & tell and step inside. They appreciate the business, of course, but retail transactions are about more than dollars & cents. The December bustle offers us a chance to embrace a little sociability by asking a companion to join in a little walk & talk along with shopping. It adds to the mood and helps tension evaporate. And when you’re done, you can always top off your excursion with a little wine & cheese or milk & cookies.

Giving & receiving starts well before holiday gift-wrap falls to the floor in a colorful jumble of paper and ribbon. Most of us realize that many of our fellow metro Detroiters need assistance. Their need stands out in particularly stark contrast at this time of year. Coat & hat weather make us realize that some members of our community are cold. And the traffic jam of humanity with full shopping bags reminds us that some pockets are empty. This month, caring hearts will appreciate our guide to making charitable donations, which begins on page 106.

Even the most comfortable among us experience times that are lean, whether in spirit or income. When happy days return, it’s good to remember the people who were there through thick & thin, perhaps with a small gift or a visit.

We at Hour Detroit are thankful for readers and subscribers who visit our pages each month. From our staff to you at the holiday and at year’s end, we say, may your days be merry & bright.

— Rebecca Powers