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Kevin Francis Urso was loved and respected for his quick wit, his intelligence, and his caring nature. He also loved music — so much so, that many of his life experiences were defined by specific songs. Sadly, he also dealt with depression. On March 23, 2013, at the age of 41, Kevin ended his life at his home in Florida. Following his death, his parents, John and Gail Urso, founded Kevin’s Song to honor Kevin and give voice to his memory.


To empower communities to prevent suicide and offer hope and healing to survivors.


Kevin’s Song is dedicated to generating public awareness about the causes of suicide, its prevalence in our society, and possible preventive measures. It is creating a working community of professionals and advocates offering knowledge, hope, and healing to individuals, families, and communities touched by suicide.

Kevin’s Song is a central hub; it’s a place where people can come to find resources and learn about organizations that are helping us understand not only the causes of suicide, but also effective methods of preventing it.

Through conferences, a documentary film, and its website, Kevin’s Song provides up-to-date information on the impact of suicide, as well as helpful resources to keep our community safer and welcoming for those who are at risk and their loved ones.


John R. Urso, President
Gail M. Urso, Vice President
Kathleen McGovern, Secretary
John Thomas McGovern, Treasurer
Leo A. Nouhan, Conference Coordinator

Hon. Maura Corrigan
Elizabeth Dailey
Robert Finkel
Linda Finkel
Susan M. Francis
William Gough
Sarah Gough
Peter King
Sidney King
Paul N. Lavins
John A. Leone
Lynn E. Maitland, Ph.D.
Maria Riccobono
Annette U. Rickel, Ph.D.
Michael MacDonald,
Ann Macdonald, Emeritus


Kevin’s Song
21 Kercheval Ave., Ste. 345
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

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