Getting Physical With Metro Detroit Trainers

Workout routines from 5 local fitness experts // Photographs by Josh Scott

ClassPass, a fitness membership app, which began partnering with
metro Detroit studios late last year, aims to help exercise enthusiasts reach their health goals in an innovative way. The process is simple. Enroll in a monthly plan, browse through fitness studios in your area, and book a class that aligns with your fitness goals. If you’re up for it, consider getting your sweat on with one of the app’s most sought-after metro Detroit trainers pictured here. For a glimpse into what to expect in their classes, these five pros have created sample workouts that represent their fitness philosophies for Hour Detroit readers to try at home.



31119 Greenfield Rd., Beverly Hills; 248-385-3043;

Get Some Fitness is known for its high-energy boxing and kickboxing classes that utilize everything from ballet barres and barbells to punching bags and free weights. Below, Christopher Allen, an instructor who goes by the name of  “Ice,” shares a fitness challenge. Ice recommends six rounds of the following workout daily over the course of four weeks. At the top of each week, add 30 seconds to the shadow-boxing steps. 

60 seconds of shadow boxing with a left, then right-hook motion
25 squats
60 seconds of shadow boxing with a left, then right-hook motion
10 burpees
15 leg lunges



Ensoul Yoga
210 W. Nine Mile Rd., Ferndale; 248-397-8808; and 500 Griswold St., Detroit; 313-656-4701;

Founded by Caren Paskel, EnSoul Yoga’s sessions range from high-energy — like the EnSoul Train class, which is set to lively music — to easygoing, like the Soulful class, which requires participants to close their eyes while moving at a slow pace. Here, Paskel shares how to accomplish a mellow flow, a sequence of poses that require just two pieces of equipment: a mat and a wall. 


Downward Facing Dog
(Hold one minute)  
Wall Split (Hold one minute) 
Crescent Warrior
(Hold one minute) 
Prep for the next pose
by dropping for
Low Runner’s Lunge 
Airplane on the Wall
(Hold one minute) 
Prep for the next pose
by dropping for
Low Runner’s Lunge and Dragonfly Twist  
Side Plank (Hold one minute) 
Downward Facing Dog
(Hold one minute) 
Repeat the flow on
opposite side   
Wheel on the Wall
(Hold one minute)
Resting pose with
legs on wall

Paskel embraces positive thoughts. As you flow, acknowledge that the daily challenges you face will pass.



20169 Mack Ave., Grosse Pointe; 313-469-0687; and 14940 Kercheval Ave., Grosse Pointe Park; 313-290-2874;

Fusion Integrated Training fuses cardio, core, and strength training workouts into 60-minute classes. Below, co-owner PJ Vlahantones exemplifies the studio’s full-body mindset with a custom workout. After a dynamic five-minute warmup, perform each exercise for one minute with no rest in between. You’ll need a rowing machine, air bike, and a set of dumbbells at a moderate weight that you can handle for three straight minutes of compound movements. 

Complete 500 meters on the rower 
Dumbbell Alternating Step Back Lunge/Front Raise
Dumbbell Deadlift / Up-Right Row
Dumbbell Squat Press (Thrusters) 
High Plank Knee to Opposite Elbow 
Ride the air bike until you’ve burned 50 calories
Rest 1 minute then continue to repeat the set three more times

Vlahantones says a quick warmup that includes steps like squats, lunges, jumping jacks, and pushups is a great way to start your workout.



33008 Northwestern Hwy., West Bloomfield; 248-979-7481; 

Cely Maria Dias, a native of Brazil, says she’s been dancing from the minute she could walk. Her dedication to her craft shows in the energetic choreography she puts together for Celyfit, where members burn 300 to 800 calories per session. No equipment is needed for this salsa step from Dias, who recommends stretching before and after any workout to avoid injuries.

Start with both feet together
Step to the right, gently bending your knees
Return to the middle then step to the left, gently bending your knees
As you get the hang of it, try speeding up your steps

Follow Dias on Instagram(@celyfitness) for videos of her dance routines.
While you’re at it, listen to her song suggestions — “Bam Bam” by Pliers, “Descarga Espectacular” by Fruko y sus Tesos, and anything by Celia Cruz — to get in the groove. 


Surf Lab Fitness
8677 N. Lilley Rd., Canton; 734-304-7873; 

Metro Detroit may be miles away from the ocean, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your surf on. Surf Lab Fitness, which opened in late January, utilizes indoor stationary surf-boards in its classes to build core stability and strength. This quick exercise from Hope Modrzejewski can be done on balancing boards at the fitness studio or on the floor at your local gym. 

Start in a kneeling position on a mat
Using 5 to 8-pound weights, raise arms straight over your head with palms facing away from you
Keeping the arms straight, lower them down to your knees bringing your chest forward — as though you’re on a surf board in the water using your arms to paddle — then shift back to an upright position 
Complete 10 times at a slow pace, medium pace, and quicker pace 

Modrzejewski acknowledges how difficult it can be to exercise when you’re feeling pressed for time. This is why she recommends a full-body workout, which can increase your strength in as little as 30 minutes.