Feeling Stressed? Try These Guided Meditations from Headspace

Gov. Whitmer partners with the subscription service to bring wellness programming to Michiganders
Image courtesy of Headspace

We’ve all heard “Stay Home, Stay Safe.” But what about “Stay Sane”? Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is taking a stab at that, too, through a partnership with the wellness company Headspace.

In an initiative dubbed “Stay Home, Stay Mindful,” the subscription service has begun offering free meditation, sleep, and movement exercises to Michiganders. “When we developed the content in response to the pandemic, we were really trying to understand the current situation most people are finding themselves in while quarantined at home,” says Sarah Romotsky, Headspace’s director of healthcare partnerships. “It’s been specially curated to help support the governor’s ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ efforts.”

Most of Headspace’s meditations guide users to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth while being mindful of their bodies. During the “Stressed,” “Alone Time,” and “Panicking” meditations, users identify their thoughts and feelings as they come, rather than avoiding them, through the practice of mindful “noting.” In the “Feeling Overwhelmed” meditation, users perform a visualization, which Romotsky defines as imagining something happening within your body or mind to help you remain present.

These meditations and other resources can be found at headspace.com/mi.