Find Your Groove: Meet the Redford Township Woman Behind Mooju Rugs

Mooju Rugs is a local online store that offers home décor with a retro look.
Photo by Rebecca Simonov

If you can’t find something that fits your own unique style, make it yourself. Madison Koster did just that when she created Mooju Rugs.

Through her online business, the 25-year-old sells her own creations of groovy rugs, mirrors, wall hangings, and prints. After just two years, her products are being sold at national retailers including Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters.

Koster — a local photographer who received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in advertising design and photography from the College for Creative Studies in 2019 — was inspired to start Mooju Rugs after she bought her first house in Redford Township and started designing its interior.

Her goal was to decorate her home in a way that represented her personal style, which is influenced by the vibrant decor of the 1960s and ’70s. As she shopped for furnishings, Koster quickly realized there was a lack of available products that suited her taste.

Undeterred, she began to create her own rugs and wall hangings. At the same time, she was sharing her designs on social media and found that others loved her work as well. Mooju Rugs was born soon after.

Koster found early success when Nordstrom discovered Mooju Rugs and asked her to do a pop-up collaboration with them, providing an opportunity to have her pieces sold in select stores across the U.S. and Canada. She then pursued her “dream” of one day selling her rugs at Urban Outfitters.

Upon reaching out to the retailer, she was asked to design an exclusive assortment of mirror wall hangings — the collection sold out after just a few weeks.

Photo by Rebecca Simonov

As a self-proclaimed maximalist, Koster enjoys incorporating dynamic colors and shapes into her designs. Some of her bestsellers include flower-shaped mirrors in colorful cow prints; the Creamsicle Canyon Rug, which features a swirled design in various shades of orange; and her vibrant egg-shaped rugs.

“It’s a super physical art,” Koster says of her rug-making process, which takes about eight hours. “You need to know how to use the tufting gun with your whole body. You have to really be in control.”

A do-it-yourself gal, Koster taught herself how to make all the rugs and mirrors she sells by watching online tutorials. She uses primarily wool for its durability. To produce the funky flower and Detroit art prints, Koster partners with local print shop Apricot Press.

“I’m someone who likes to keep myself challenged,” says Koster, who values the independence that comes with running her own business. “My favorite aspect is that there isn’t anyone telling me I can’t do something. If I want to try something, I can just try it.”

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This story is from the September 2022 issue of Hour Detroit magazine. Read more in our digital edition.