Downtown Detroit Partnership’s Summer Lineup, the Opening of the Southwest Greenway & More Local Headlines

Get the latest metro Detroit news including a new bill that may outlaw cat declawing, new red flag gun laws in the state and more.
Photograph courtesy of the Downtown Detroit Partnership

Downtown Detroit Partnership announces summer lineup

This summer, the Downtown Detroit Partnership is bringing back some old favorites alongside new summer activities for all ages including special events in the downtown parks, markets, vendors, music, and more.

Detroit’s Southwest Greenway is officially open

The Southwest Greenway is a paved running trail the stretches from the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Centennial Park to Bagley Street that is part of the larger Unified Greenway Campaign. Its opening on May 24 coincided with the announcement of an additional $70 million in new funding for the campaign. The money will be used to complete the Detroit Riverfront, fund the Joe Louis Greenway, and create an endowment to maintain these projects.

Michigan may become the third state to ban cat declawing

House Bill 4674 “would ban the common practice except for ‘therapeutic purposes,’” which does not include protecting furniture. Declawing a cat involves the removal of all or parts of the end of their toes and “typically involves some bone removal.” It has long been considered “cruel and unnecessary.” Opponents of the bill, including the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association say the bill infringes “on decisions that should be made between a vet, who undergoes years of rigorous training, and a pet owner.”

Gov. Whitmer signs red flag gun laws

The laws will “keep firearms away from people who pose an imminent threat” by allowing law enforcement, family, health care professionals, and other authorities to remove firearms from people who are believed to be a risk to themselves or others. They will go into effect 90 days after the legislative session. Michigan joins around a dozen other states with similar laws.

Cowboy wrangles runaway cow on I-75

Viral dashcam footage caught a cowboy lassoing the cow, who escaped its pen at an animal rescue facility and wandered onto the freeway. The ordeal happened on Sunday about 15 miles south of Flint and 55 miles northwest of Detroit. Both cowboy and cow were unharmed. The cow, lovingly named Lester, was returned to a pasture at the facility.

Detroit’s Book Tower announces opening of ROOST Apartment Hotel

After a seven-year renovation that cost $400 million, The Book Tower in downtown Detroit is officially open for business with its first offering, ROOST Detroit. The 117-room apartment hotel is now accepting reservations for stays as early as June 1.

Detroit Grand Prix to feature Small Business Straightaway

Twenty-nine companies will make up the first-ever display during race weekend. The initiative, which will be on display at Cadillac Square, aims to boost the local economy by putting a spotlight on Detroit entrepreneurs, shops, and businesses. Detroit Forever 313, Lorraine’s Premium BBQ Sauce, and Motor City Popcorn are among the featured businesses.

Proposed bill would allow 18- and 21-year-olds to substitute teach in Michigan

Under current state law, Michigan’s substitute teachers must complete a minimum of 60 college credits. House Bill 4549, which is sponsored by Democrat Nate Shannon in response to the state’s teacher shortage, would change those rules to allow anyone 21 and older to teach, as long as they have a high school diploma, and anyone 18 and older to sub in K-8 classrooms if enrolled in a teacher preparation program.

Water department proposes initiative to address Detroit flooding

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department is working to approve the $3.4 million initiative, which would create 24 bioretention areas that would reduce basement and street flooding. If approved, the water department expects the project to be completed by the end of 2024.

Rocket Mortgage launches new 1 percent-down home loan program

The ONE+ program is expected to “dramatically increase access to homeownership for millions of low-to-moderate-income earning Americans” by requiring potential homebuyers to make a down payment of 1 percent, with Rocket Mortgage covering the other 3 percent needed to reach the requirements of conventional loans. It also eliminates monthly mortgage insurance fees for the client.

Mackinac Bridge to undergo repairs after being struck by a crane

The U.S. Coast Guard is investigating the accident, which occurred on May 7. Crew of the boon crane were unaware of the collision until they found damage to the crane. The Mackinac Bridge Authority have confirmed the bridge is structurally sound but will need minor repairs.

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