Date Night Made Simple With Topgolf

The Auburn Hills hot spot offers up fun for novice and experienced golfers alike
Photograph courtesy of Topgolf

I first realized i was having a good time at Topgolf Detroit-Auburn Hills when the machine that dispenses the modern facility’s golf balls appeared to stop working.

I repeatedly waved my putter in front of the red sensor, eager for the next one to emerge. Just a few minutes prior, I had finally hit my first micro-chipped ball into one of Topgolf’s target areas, scoring three points for my 53-yard shot. My nerves as a first-time driving range visitor were dissolving, and I was ready to perfect my swing. When my ongoing attempts to activate the machine failed though, I motioned to my boyfriend, Nick — who was indulging in chips and guacamole and a cold beer from our assigned seating area. It was then that a Topgolf employee noticed our struggle and politely pointed out the real issue.

It turns out, the equipment was completely fine. We had just been having so much fun that we didn’t realize we had each already taken the 20 shots needed to complete the round. The game was over, and we’d have to revisit our digital game board station to start a new one and dispense more golf balls.

Getting swept up in golf was unexpected. Binge-watching television shows and taking pictures of our cat is typically more our speed. And, we’re on opposite ends of the skill-level spectrum — I have limited experience with the sport via failed putt-putt games, while he, on the other hand, regularly golfs with friends. But as our reserved hour at Topgolf continued and we played through a few more games, it became clear this luxury take on the driving range was something we could both enjoy. For a beginner like me, the intimate setup of each lane creates a no-pressure place to try something new. And, for a more dedicated player, like Nick, Topgolf’s instant data-driven feedback helps improve technique.

We retired to the facility’s bar when our time at our bay ended. Over veggie burgers, we discussed when we could make it out again — with the venue’s Summer Fun Pass looking extra appealing.

Date night, so it seems, is in full swing.

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