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Handmade Healing

Detroit-based soap company goes beyond the bar

The Little Flower Soap Company has blossomed since its sudsy start in 2010. Husband and wife duo Holly and Justin Rutt run the Detroit-based company with beautifully packaged, all-natural products including: bath salts, skin balms, lip balms, and, of course, soaps. The first time the couple made soap together was for their wedding. Now they’ve created their own unique line using essential oils, organic cocoa, and shea butter. Justin, who graduates from med school this month, utilizes his knowledge of herbs and natural health to formulate products packed with healing properties. “I love our Muscle Rescue balm the most,” Holly says. “It really works. It’s great for all kinds of different ailments.” The formula, rich in anti-inflammatory St. John’s Wort, was so popular it inspired a Skin Rescue balm, without menthol, suitable for the face. For now, the couple is concocting products in small batches in a small studio, but they hope to expand soon with the purchase of a 3- to 5-acre farm. — Lexi Trimpe



Brazenly Blended

Customized products promote skin perfection

Sandria Marie founded Brazen Cosmetics in 2008 in Ferndale. With nearly 16 years of experience as a makeup formulator, she creates custom-blended colors for her makeup, using ingredients like extracts, minerals, and vitamins. Besides cosmetics, Brazen also makes fragrances like perfume oils. They are hand-blended and 100 percent vegan. One perfume oil, Oui Oui, includes coconut and almond oils, as well as cranberries, citrus, and grapefruit. “We have fun here with bold colors, dazzling finishes, provocative perfumes, and innovative products,” Marie says. The company also doesn’t conduct animal testing for their products. DIY classes are offered at the Brazen Beauty Lounge, where you can create your own makeup and signature scents. — DeJanay Booth


Detroit’s Distinctive Scent

John Pegg has always had a nose for peculiar scents. Originally from St. Clair, he says whiffs of dirt, oil, trees, and Earth inspired his fragrance company name Kerosene. A majority of the 11 fragrances are unisex and incorporate warm notes like amber, woods, and spices result in raw, unique, and approachable scents. R’oud Elements is Pegg’s personal favorite. “I think maybe because it was my first release, but there’s something about that one, it kind of started it all.” — Lexi Trimpe


Hour Picks

What’s hot this month? Hour Detroit editorial interns discovered new products from around town and reviewed them.

Nature in a Jar // Eve Organics Beauty, a cosmetic company based in Chesterfield, focuses on skin care products using organic minerals free of chemicals and dyes. The makeup pictured above is called Fairydust. But this month we gave the eye shadow Fanatic a try. The lightweight product comes in a wide range of earth tone and oceanic colors. Upon opening the jar, a loose powder is revealed and provides full coverage with a soft pigment. It lays smooth, leaving behind a shimmer-like finish. We recommend using a brush. — DeJanay Booth


Lemongrass Oatmeal Bath // These all-natural, Michigan-made “tub tea” bags are steeped with anti-inflammatory, nutrient-rich rolled oats and essential oils. The mother-and-daughters trio at Bath Savvy use simple, effective family recipes. The bag’s drawstring top stays tight, and the tea is free of artificial dyes or colors, making post-bath cleanup a breeze. And although the delicate satchels are very fragrant when dry, once submerged they release a light, floral scent and milky brew that’s easily become a new favorite for my dry, sensitive skin. — Lexi Trimpe


Online Exclusive Reviews

Little Flower – All Natural Lip Balm

Packed with healing and moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and almond oil, these all-natural lip balms smell delicious and soothe dry, rough lips. Although they come in scrumptious scents such as coffee, chocolate, raspberry and almond, they’re unsweetened to keep you from licking your lips – which causes additional drying. The balms create a natural, subtle sheen and keep lips moist for hours. They apply well over matte lipsticks and stains and feel velvety, not sticky or greasy. This lip balm will be one I fight not to lose., $5 — Lexi Trimpe


Little Flower – Handmade Soap – Rosemary Lemon Mint

Made using heirloom cold-press techniques and wrapped in adorable printed paper, I almost felt bad breaking into this bar. (Almost) However, the zesty scent wafting from the package and simple ingredient list made it too good to resist. The soap itself was almost as pretty as the packaging, with a subtle yellowish-orange color and dried rosemary sprinkle inside. The lather was thick, but gentle, and didn’t cause over drying. My skin was left smooth and lightly fragrant, reminiscent of an herbal tea. The earthy fragrance makes it great for men and women alike, and a must-have for dry Michigan skin. To avoid gunky shower-soap, I recommend cutting small slices from the bar using a butter knife, as needed. $4.50 — Lexi Trimpe


Little Flower – Skin Rescue Balm

As someone with difficult combination skin, freckled with red spots and dryness, I constantly struggle to find a moisturizing solution. The Skin Rescue Balm is my new saving grace. The natural anti-inflammatory ingredients and essential oils soothe redness, while adding moisture, and leaving a light, relaxing scent. The balm applies as well on rough elbows and knees as it does on my sensitive, acne-prone face.  The natural oils are light and the balm soaks in quickly, setting well under foundation. My only complaint is that I wish there was more in each package, as this tiny tin has made itself a permanent home on my vanity. $5.50 — Lexi Trimpe


Little Flower – Uplifting Pink Grapefruit Bath Salt

Perfectly pink and rustically packaged in a heavy glass bottle, this detoxifying bath salt, mixed with pink grapefruit essential oil and epsom salt, falls in line with the rest of Little Flower Soap Co.’s products: adorable, all-natural, and effective. Although the bottle seems small at first glance, it’s packed to the top with the exfoliating Himalayan salt mixture, enough for 2-3 baths. Once submerged, the salts slightly sizzle, releasing an awakening, subtle citrus scent. My skin was left softened and only lightly fragranced. $6.50 — Lexi Trimpe


Eve Organics – Fanatic and Misty Eye Shadows

I usually do not wear makeup. But at times, I would like to wear it to enhance my appearance. So I was fortunate enough to try the eye shadows Fanatic and Misty from Eve Organics in Chesterfield. The first thing I noticed is the company’s logo on the container. A leaf sits on the top, symbolizing nature. The product did not feel heavy on my finger. The powder is soft without hard clumps in it. After four applications, I got the desired look. It creates a natural shade that fits with my particular skin color., $10.00 —DeJanay Booth


Brazen Cosmetics – Perfumes – Sexy Scents

In my experience, fragrant oils tend to stay on longer than perfume. So when I tried the oils called Oui Oui and Tipsy from Brazen Cosmetics in Ferndale, I expected it to last for a while. Putting the oils behind my ears, the scent surrounded me throughout the day. They did not disappoint, lasting for more than four hours, and did not leave an oily residue on my skin., $15.00 —DeJanay Booth