How to Celebrate Your Wedding Day During the Pandemic

The founders of event planning company Graham Stanton Co. share their insight
wedding day in a pandemic
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With many wedding day plans torn asunder by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy for couples to dwell on what they’re missing out on. Robin Wilson and Chelsea Farrugia of Detroit-based event planning company Graham Stanton Co. share tips for turning “what might have been” into something just as memorable.

Mark the Day

It’s important to remember that however you mark it, your union is still worthy of celebrating. “One of the things that struck me as so beautiful with our clients is the entire notion of maintaining your date and having a celebration,” Farrugia says. “Operating within safety procedures and protecting others and yourself, but acknowledging that your relationship and your marriage is more than a party, dress, and a bouquet.”

Set the Scene

If you’re celebrating at home, Wilson encourages couples to make the space beautiful. “Whether that’s by purchasing some floral or décor from your vendors, putting up streamers, or buying the dress and wearing it still,” she says. “Any way you can create a beautiful space makes it really transformative and special.” Farrugia adds that simply rearranging your furniture, changing the lighting, and incorporating music helps.

Document the Moment

Even if your day looks different, you should have photographs to cherish. Wilson suggests keeping your photographer or videographer involved in the day as much as possible. While it may not be possible to have them physically present, she says she has even seen industry friends do successful FaceTime photo shoots.

Reserve Time to Reflect

Farrugia says it’s important to make time just for you and your partner. While this may look a little different now, she encourages couples to go on a date inside their own home or eat dinner in a different room than usual. This can be before or after a drive-by celebration with family or virtual calls with friends. “It’s still a sacred thing for the two of you, having those intentional moments to reflect together,” Farrugia says. “Events, no matter the size, are really special and have certain components that are essential. When it comes to a wedding, you two are the most important thing.”

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