No Place Like Om

Plymouth Yoga Room stretches the body and mind
Photograph by David Lewinski

Helping others “om” their way to yogic peace is a mission that Jenna Osgood (wife of Detroit Red Wings goalie Chris Osgood) shares with Brent and Sheri Rieli, her partners in the Plymouth Yoga Room. The studio teaches various methods of the practice, including the high-intensity Vinyasa, with classes led by Brent and Sheri, along with five registered instructors.

After a recent morning class, Jenna and Sheri paused to discuss their goal of improving the overall health of their clients.

What gave you the notion and courage to start a new business?

Jenna: We just have such a love for yoga. For me, it’s not about the money, it’s about spreading something that I love, and, if you do a good job, the money will eventually come. We will be successful, because it’s necessary for people to take care of themselves.

Does yoga reduce stress?

Sheri: We’re living in a society today where everyone is walking around in fear. You have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of anyone else. Yoga calms you and allows you to settle down [and] react differently to different situations.

How did the idea for the yoga studio evolve?

Sheri: I started teaching at a health club in Novi and met Jenna two years ago [when] she started taking my classes and we connected. We started talking after class, and [the idea] blossomed.
Jenna: Sheri, Brent, and I had a conversation and I said, “You guys are so good, you should open up your own studio.” [I] said if you want to partner, I will partner up with you. We all agreed on Plymouth.

What does your studio offer to help you succeed?

Sheri: The child care is definitely huge. It was hard to find a space that offered what we wanted to do … create an atmosphere where maybe before or after class people feel comfortable to have a cup of coffee or tea, [a] place to let go of stress and feel comfortable. Day care was a big part of our decision.
Jenna: Moms make sacrifices all the time. We wanted them to be able to do something to relax and offer a form of exercise and a place to drop their kids off.

What benefits from yoga have you both experienced?

Sheri: I am not as high strung. When I started doing yoga, my body completely changed. My size changed. [After my third pregnancy], I fit into my regular clothes in two weeks.
Jenna: I am always “go, go, go.” This helps curb my intensity. It helped me relax and be aware of my entire body.

How many days a week do you suggest doing yoga to reap the full benefits?

Sheri: We have students who have never done yoga before, and after doing it once or twice a week, can’t stop talking about the benefits they are feeling.
Jenna: I know two or three days a week is effective. Then you crave it.

Is yoga alone sufficient exercise?

Jenna: That was a hard one to convince me. I think my composition is changing. I was always lifting weights and doing cardio. It depends on the person and what their goals are. My goal is just better health; it’s not [about being] a size two anymore — my priorities switched. For me and a lot of my friends, yoga is enough; it just depends on where you’re at in your life.; 734-259-4324.