Tie Society

Detroit-based Cyberoptix’s new menswear line adds a dash of creativity to the cubicle
Photograph by Bethany Shorb

For those with an aversion to ties — whether it’s prep-school trauma or office-wear disenchantment — Detroit artist Bethany Shorb may have a solution. Well Done Goods, her new line of neckties, bow ties, and accessories, meshes “cubicle” with “cowboy.”

“I had a lot of clients that are in creative industries [who] wanted to show their individuality. … They’d be super punk-rock on the weekend, but might have had a job [that requires a tie]. So this way they could get a little bit of that persona into their work life,” says Shorb.

Well Done Goods offers ties and accessories cut from diverse materials, and the result is an aesthetic sweet spot between hardy and luxurious. Designs make use of Michigan-made felt, repurposed automotive leather, cowhide, and more. Shorb hunts down her materials online and at in-house auctions, and even braving local felt factories despite her allergy to the material.

Well Done Goods evolved from Cyberoptix, which Shorb founded after a friend taught her how to silk-screen on her kitchen table. Cyberoptix has been featured in many Etsy gift guides and collections, including the recent Hunger Games and Breaking Bad themed collections.

With Well Done Goods, the possibilities romp and leap playfully. Products include leather ties from a Mercedes and an espresso cowhide design that John Wayne would have picked had he ever had a temp job.

“When you’re doing ties out of industrial felt and cow fur, people aren’t familiar with that,” Shorb says. “But as soon as they see [the ties], they’re like ‘Wow, this is great, I have to have this.’ ”

For information, visit welldonegoods.com.