The 2019 Wellness Trends to Add to Your Watch List

Plus, how to get in on each practice and procedure in metro Detroit
Meta Physica Wellness Center’s lush juice bar offers an array of smoothies, juices, and elixirs. // Photograph by Chris and Michelle Gerard

This year, wellness is about the trifecta of the mind, body, and spirit. Physical health begins with inner healing. Whether you’re a wellness obsessive or alternative medicine skeptic, the trends of 2019 are worth a try. Here, we’ve collated the who, what, where, when, and how of the most buzz-worthy health crazes in metro Detroit. 

Breathing Practice

Focusing on the way you breathe as a way of finding mental clarity is not a new concept. It actually has roots in the ancient Indian practice of Pranayama, which centers around controlling breath or prana, the vital life force. In the western world, guided breathing classes have been around since the 1960s. Recently, wellness gurus have been espousing the benefits of this type of breath work and there are a host of classes and guided apps dedicated to the topic. In metro Detroit, one of the best places to go for a guided breathing class is Art of Living. The international chain, which has been recognized by outlets like CNN, NBC, and The New York Times, has locations across metro Detroit including centers in Royal Oak, Canton, and more. One of their most popular classes is The Happiness Program, which teaches students techniques of Pranayama adapted to the modern day to help them gain control of their emotions and achieve peace. For more information on
Art of Living in metro Detroit, visit


Ella Essentials CBD Face Moisturizer, $35, at The Reef. // Photograph by C.J. Benninger

Recreational marijuana was legalized in Michigan at the tail end of last year, and ever since, it has found its way into everything from the food we eat to the supplements we take. Cannabidiol (colloquially known as CBD) is one of the 113 known phytocompounds of marijuana and is praised for its ability to ease pain and anxiety (also important to note: CBD is legal in all 50 states and doesn’t get you high). Because of this, there are tons of new CBD-infused products hitting the market. At almost 5,000 square feet, The Reef in Detroit is Michigan’s largest marijuana provisioning center and offers an extensive range of concentrates, topicals, edibles, and more that cater to all familiarity levels. For those just getting started with CBD, the MOR THC Chaptstix (price upon request) packs moisturization and a mid-day pick-me-up into one. Or, try the CBD and Grapefruit Exfoliating Scrubs, $25, for smooth skin and relaxed muscles. The Reef’s business operations manager Rush Hassan’s favorite products are the high-dosage capsules, which help alleviate his insomnia. The Reef, 6640 E. Eight Mile Rd., Detroit; 313-992-4202; open daily;

Wellness Centers

A massage room at Meta Physica Wellness Center. // Photograph by Chris and Michelle Gerard

In 2016, Anahi Hollis and Jenaveve Biernat won the Comerica Hatch Detroit Contest. They used the $50,000 prize to open Meta Physica Wellness Center in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood. Hollis, an interior designer by trade, and Biernat, a certified massage therapist, and their skilled team are trained in reflexology, cupping, Reiki, and more. The Rain Drop Massage ($130 for 90 minutes), incorporates 130 drops of essential oils from herbs like oregano, and basil to encourage detoxification. Those with significant muscle tension can opt for the Get Deep Massage ($90 for 60 minutes), which intensely works muscle, fascia, and connective tissues to treat chronic pain and high blood pressure. Meta Physica also offers Craniosacral Therapy ($80 for 60 minutes) — for this treatment, the center’s therapists use a gentler technique to release tension in the central nervous system — acupuncture, waxing, and a sauna. Meta Physica Wellness Center 1701 Trumbull Ave., Suite 3, Detroit; 313-303-7611; Wed.-Mon. Tues., appointment only;


Dating back to Vedic India, ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medicine. Thousands of years later, it remains a cornerstone of India’s medical practice. Simply put, Ayurveda puts the focus on prevention to help the healthy become healthier. It utilizes a combination of dietary, behavioral, and fitness practices to help restore the natural equilibrium between a person’s physical body and mental consciousness. In recent years, Ayurveda has found its way to the United States, and by the rising popularity of age-old Ayurvedic ingredients like ashwagandha and holy basil, the practice has gained traction this year especially. In Farmington Hills, Beena Vesikar — a trained nutritionist, licensed massage therapist, registered yoga teacher, and practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine — runs Beayurvedic Wellness Center. For those looking to better understand the practice, Vesikar offers several types of Ayurvedic massages, yoga sessions, and detoxification procedures. Those ready to make a stronger commitment may opt for the consultation package, in which Vesikar works one on one with clients to assess their current health status and provide the relevant Ayurvedic remedies. Beayurvedic, 23023 Orchard Lake Rd., Farmington Hills; 248-631-7271; appointment only;


Four Sigmatic Cordyceps Mushroom Elixir Mix, $38, at Plum Market. // Photograph by C.J. Benninger

Turns out, these veggies can be used for more than simply adding an earthy note to a fresh salad. In fact, some people are even arguing that they are a natural panacea for a host of health concerns including immune support, increased stamina, and longevity. But we aren’t talking button or Portobello. Varieties that are thought to having healing properties include reishi, chaga, cordyceps, and more — all of which are being used in everything from protein powders to teas to chocolate bars. Detroit Mushroom Co., based in South Lyon, sells grow-your-own mushroom kits featuring reishi or lion’s mane mushrooms, both of which are medicinal, starting at $25. The shop also offers lion’s mane tinctures, which boast a litany of health benefits including anxiety reduction, increasing cognitive performance, and improved digestion.  Want in on the shroom action? Check your local health food store to see what types of mushroom-based products are in stock. Products available at Plum Market, 3675 W. Maple Rd., Bloomfield Twp.; 248-594-2555;

IV Nutritional Therapy

At Cutler Integrative Medicine, Dr. Doug Cutler (right) works with patients to customize nutrient cocktails. // Photograph courtesy of Cutler Integrative Medicine

One of the more extreme treatments on this list, IV nutritional therapy has been gaining popularity in recent years as a speedier alternative to oral supplements. It’s an almost-painless procedure that involves, much like a traditional IV, inserting a needle into the vein. That needle, however, is eventually withdrawn and replaced by a soft catheter to make the procedure more bearable than a traditional IV. At Cutler Integrative Medicine in Bingham Farms, Dr. Doug Cutler customizes nutrient cocktails for everything from increasing energy, improving sleep, optimizing immune function, decreasing the effects of stress, aiding weight loss, and more. Depending on the type of treatment — services range from drips of high-dose vitamin C to the Myer Cocktail designed to treat fatigue — duration of the IV infusions can vary anywhere between one and four hours. Cutler Integrative Medicine, 31350 Telegraph Rd., Suite 102, Bingham Farms; 248-663-1065; Open Mon.-Sat.;