Calling All Animal Lovers — These Cats and Dogs Need a Home

Adopt a new furry companion at Meet Your Best Friend at the Market

This weekend, as Metro Detroit locals and guests browse the various vendors at Eastern Market’s Saturday Market, they could also leave with a new furry addition to the family.

The Michigan Humane Society is hosting its fifth annual adoption event from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Fifty cats and dogs will be up for adoption at Meet Your Best Friend at the Market, which is the most animals the shelter has ever had at the event.

“One reason we do this event is to get out to where the public is when they’re available,” says Shaun Bailey, public relations specialist for Michigan Humane Society. “We do know our hours are limited, and it can be tough for working families to get out to an adoption center.”

Animal cruelty and neglect is an ongoing battle in Michigan. According to MHS’ 2017 Community Report, the shelter housed 12,855 animals last year. The animal cruelty investigation and rescue team responded to over 5,500 cruelty response calls, and over 2,500 rescue response calls. Those calls alone were in Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland, says Bailey.

The animals that appear at the adoption event, which is sponsored by Purina, are selected just days before by several MHS directors. Their backgrounds can vary; the shelter receives animals that were homeless or abused, surrendered by their owners, or transferred to them from the organization’s partners. No matter what circumstances led the pets to the shelter, Bailey hopes adoptees take good care of their new companion.

“We recommend getting in to see a veterinarian as soon as possible,” he says. “Consider obedience training to ease the transition from shelter to home.”

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