How to Make Ale Mary’s Walnut Old Fashioned

Try out this drink recipe from the Royal Oak restaurant
Walnut Old Fashioned

Ale Mary’s may be known for its stellar beer lineup, vegan menu, and Burittozilla, a 4-pound burrito filled with chicken, Spanish rice, peppers, and more. But this local spot also has a lineup of quality cocktails. Here, the Royal Oak restaurant shares its recipe for a walnut Old Fashioned.

How to Make the Walnut Old Fashioned from Ale Mary’s 


1 orange slice

1 Luxardo cherry

1/4 oz. simple syrup (or sprinkle turbinado sugar)

Orange bitters

2 oz. Sazerac Rye (or bourbon)

1/4 oz. Long Road Distillers Nocino liqueur 


Muddle orange slice and Luxardo cherry in a rocks glass with simple syrup or a sprinkle of turbinado sugar and several dashes of orange bitters. Be sure to only muddle the flesh of the orange, avoiding the peel. Add ice to your glass. Pour rye (or bourbon) into glass and add Nocino liqueur. Stir and enjoy!

Ale Mary’s, 316 S. Main St., Royal Oak, 248-268-1939;