Sava’s Smoked Salmon Summer Salad Recipe

Smoked salmon pairs with creamy burrata, tart sourdough, crunchy croutons, and sweet stone fruits for a medley of flavors and textures
Sava's Smoked Salmon Summer Salad 
Sava’s Smoked Salmon Summer Salad

A frequent customer of Frog Holler Produce is Sava’s, the posh New American restaurant in Ann Arbor that centers on fresh ingredients. Sava’s Smoked Salmon Summer Salad — try saying that three times fast! — features seasonal fruits and vegetables distributed by Frog Holler and sourced from Michigan farms. 

“I sometimes look at things a bit differently in pairings such as this composed vegetable and smoked salmon plate,” says Sava’s Michelin star Chef/Partner Louis Maldonado. “I saw the fruit and vegetable pairing as highlights of  a classic fish dish — gooseberries for acidity, cherries to pair with the smokiness of the fish, radishes for heat, cilantro for freshness.” 

Maldonado says the burrata can be easily replaced with cream cheese or creme fraîche but in this case — and in all cases in our humble opinion — burrata is better. 

How to Make Sava’s Smoked Salmon Summer Salad 


12 oz. high-quality smoked salmon

2-4 oz. balls of burrata 

8 cherries

8 gooseberries

Assorted radishes (French, cherry belle, and watermelon), all shaved thinly 

Baby carrots, pickled or lightly steamed

Fresh herbs (cilantro, chives, parsley, and chervil pictured)

1 Fresno chili, deseeded and finely julienned 

2 cups high quality sourdough or rye bread, cut ¼-in. thick and diced into small cubes 

Olive oil 

Fresh lemon juice

Maldon salt

Aleppo pepper 

Fresh ground black pepper


Start by curling the smoked salmon slices and placing them in small piles across a large platter. Tear the balls of burrata apart and gently cut them into quarters. Season the burrata lightly with olive oil and Maldon salt and place near each pile of smoked salmon. Cut the baby carrots into quarters and place throughout the platter along with radishes. Cut the cherries into halves and deseed, then lightly torch the skin of the gooseberries and season both fruits with olive oil and place onto platter. Lightly drizzle olive oil over the platter and sprinkle with Aleppo pepper, black pepper, and lemon juice. 

In a large sauté pan over medium heat, add a quarter of a cup of olive oil and the diced bread and toast until bread gets golden — but not completely toasted and crunchy. Season the bread cubes with Maldon salt, place throughout the smoked salmon platter, and enjoy.

Sava’s, 216 S. State St, Ann Arbor; 734-623-2233;

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