Get Your Thanksgiving Feast To Go

Where to buy freshly prepared and packaged dishes for the holiday

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and while the holiday may be a time to celebrate with friends and family, preparing the main course is often a laborious task that leaves you in the kitchen for most of the day, away from your guests. Here, a guide to finding the best local sites that offer your turkey day favorites in to-go containers, so that you can enjoy the feast and skip the cleanup.

Zingerman’s Cornman Farms
Famed Ann Arbor deli and grocery store Zingerman’s  is offering online orders for farm-fresh, Thanksgiving essentials from Corman Farms, the store’s 42-acre working farmstead. Chef Kieron Hales, chef of Michelin star restaurants across Europe, has curated a menu that utilizes his sous vide method — a technique used to cook food at an exact temperature — for a variety of hot dishes and local ingredients. In addition to offering turkeys brined in a multitude of herbs for 10 days, Hale has prepared a marinated and seared dry-aged beef tenderloin plate as an alternative. Some of the savory side dishes included are honey glazed carrots, bacon balsamic Brussel sprouts, meadowlark kale salad, and salted butterscotch pudding for dessert. Orders must be placed by Saturday, Nov. 17 and can be picked up on Tuesday, Nov. 20 or Wednesday, Nov. 21.

The Vintage House
The Fraser banquet and catering service has produced a traditional Thanksgiving menu that can serve between 15 and 20 friends and family members, and provides a range of dish options like mashed potatoes with giblet gravy, half spiraled holiday ham, and golden butter corn prepared and packaged in disposable containers. At $325 for the bill of fare, which includes a 16-pound fresh turkey and both a 10-inch apple and pumpkin pie, you’ll be spending more time with your loved ones, and less time scrambling for stuffing. The Vintage House is also offering seating at their banquet hall for a Thanksgiving dinner, which includes menu items such as penne rigate with meat sauce, jellied cranberries, and bow tie Alfredo pasta, along with holiday classic dishes.

The Farmer’s Hand
This Corktown gourmet grocery shop and artisanal cafe, co-owned by Kiki Louya and Rohani Foulkes, focuses on providing locally sourced produce and products — and their Thanksgiving to-go menu is no exception. The Farmer’s Hand is offering fresh Amish turkeys, which are preservative, antibiotic, and growth hormone-free, from Troy’s Peacock Poultry Far, along with a variety of pies from Detroit’s Sister Pie, available for order until Nov. 9. Although pre-sales ended Oct. 19, the store is expecting to re-stock on Amish turkeys by Monday, Nov. 12.Starting with a required deposit of $30, these deep-chilled, all natural birds range from eight to 32 pounds, and come with a thermometer.

The Honey Baked Co.
Founded in Detroit, Honey Baked Ham has been serving Thanksgiving meats and sides since 1957. The company’s holiday menu includes such dishes as the signature slow-smoked, glazed, bone-in, half 9-pound Honey Baked Ham; as well as a 13-pound whole roasted turkey, a green bean casserole, creamy russet mashed potatoes, and roasted gravy — all at the price of $126. Honey Baked Co. will also sell dishes separately, like their moist turkey breast, sweet pecan pie, bacon-wrapped chicken, sweet potato puffs, prime rib dinner, and of course, their best-selling honey baked ham.

Weber’s Restaurant & Boutique Hotel
The Ann Arbor stay has produced a Thanksgiving to-go menu that will surely feed all of your turkey day cravings. At $150, the fixed takeout menu serves eight and includes a 14-pound whole turkey, four pounds of stuffing and whipped potatoes, a quart of gravy, ½ quart of cranberry relish, a one-pound loaf of Weber’s fresh bread, and a pumpkin pie. A whole turkey is available for purchase at $65 and additional servings of side dishes are available at an additional cost. Weber’s has seating available for their Thanksgiving Family Style Dinner, which is offered to parties of four or more, and starts at $27 for adults and children between the ages of 5 and 16 at $16. No cost for kids ages 4 and under.

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