Indian-American Fast Casual Eatery Veg-O-Rama Is Expanding to Canton

The grand opening for the restaurant is on April 10

The ever-expanding vegetarian food scene in metro Detroit has gained new territory in Canton with Veg-O-Rama. The Indian-American casual eatery serving street-food opened its first location in Ypsilanti, a near hour-long drive from Detroit, in 2018. But now, foodies need only travel 30 minutes to co-owner Prafulla Kharkar’s extension, which will offer an even larger menu of Indian-American favorites. And while you might not be a vegetarian yourself, Veg-O-Rama believes differently. “At Veg-O-Rama, we have the belief that vegetarian options can be for everyone. Not just a vegetarian or vegan,” reads a statement from “It’s our goal to introduce a different style of healthy options to a community at a very affordable price.”

Most coveted at the Ypsilanti spot are the handmade burgers, with two patties being offered at $6. Inventive selections include the Love Seed Beet Them All Burger, which is a hamburger patty made out of roasted sunflower and fennel seeds, zucchini, oatmeal, and fresh shredded beets. You can top it with vegan cheese and a gluten free bun, one of a few finishing combinations. The culinary creativeness doesn’t stop there. Drinks include strawberry mint lemonade, turmeric ginger tonic, and fruit-packed smoothies that are made with almond milk, chia and flax seeds, and a dash of cinnamon.

Veg-O-Rama also offers a mixture of bases upon which you can build your custom creation including: pizzas, subs, salads, wraps, and bowls, to pack with protein and flavors. Butter paneer, Veg-O-Rama’s rendition of the traditional Indian dish made with cottage cheese and creamy tomato sauce, is a protein-rich option that can be paired with street food sides like their famous masala fires, samosa chaat, or buffalo chicken nuggets. The Ypsilanti restaurant will also be hosting vegetarian-themed events in metro Detroit, like the Vegorama Colorfest, a take on Michigan’s annual music, food, and color-dust party, for locals between the ages of 5 and 65 years old. Their Yoga-O-Rama will unite a diverse group of yogis and wellness experts to teach healthy habits and global consciousness. Dates for the events are to-be-determined. Vego-O-Rama in Canton will host a grand-opening on April 10.

Vego-O-Rama, 44930 Ford Rd., Canton; 734-544-9707;

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