Ashoka Indian Cuisine and Oceania Inn

Restaurant veteran Molly Abraham noshes around town, tracking down some top spots

ASHOKA INDIAN CUISINE: Its attributes include one of the most extensive Indian menus in town, with entrées representing most of the regions of that country, so the choices are wide, from the dosas of the south to the curries of the north. One of the most familiar dishes, tandoori chicken, is also one of the best at Raveena Reddy’s handsome restaurant. The daily lunch buffet is popular, but to delve further into the cuisine, patrons order from the menu.

3642 Rochester Rd., Troy; 248-689-7070; and 2100 Haggerty Rd., Canton; 734-844-3100. L & D daily. $14 H

Oceania Inn
Sesame chicken is among the Chinese-American specialties at Oceania Inn, in Rochester Hills. Photograph by Joe Vaughn

OCEANIA INN: Paul and Amy Leung have been serving an extensive menu of Chinese food in one location or another since 1972. The current spot doesn’t waste much effort on décor, but delivers a menu of well-prepared dishes, ranging from the classic Chinese-American dishes so beloved by American palates to authentic fare, including steamed whole fish and chicken and noodle dishes. It’s especially remarkable for its affordable price range and helpful service.

3176 Walton Blvd.(at Adams Road), Rochester Hills; 248-375-9200. L & D daily. $12 H

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