Buddy’s Pizza Expands to Grand Rapids this Spring

And they’re bringing their brews to Beer City, too

Buddy’s Pizza is a quintessential food-chain landmark of the Motor City that’s been serving slices of cheesy heaven out of their Conant Street location in Detroit since 1946. Originally called Buddy’s Rendezvous Pizzeria, the pizza parlor has since expanded its empire to 13 sites across southeast Michigan and earned admiration for the square-shaped pizza they cooked in blues steel pans — intended to hold nuts and bolts at local auto factories.

Their cooking method birthed the Detroit-Style Pizza. “In the beginning, Gus Guerra, along with employee Connie Piccinato, stretched the dough, added the pepperoni, a layer of Wisconsin brick cheese and topped it off with stripes of sauce. What resulted was a uniquely buttery crunch making for a truly delicious pizza pie,” says Wes Pikula, Chief Brand Officer of Buddy’s Pizza.

It only makes sense that the Chotzer award-winning restaurant for “Tastiest Pizza in North America”, one of many accolades, is opening a location in Beer City, otherwise known as Grand Rapids.

The new spot, located on 28th Street, is cavernous 6,620-square-feet space that seats 210 guests, including 20 spots on an outdoor patio. Taking inspiration from Buddy’s original industrial-like site, the urban store design will feature a garage door over the bar, custom mosaic floors and refurbished beams from factories in Detroit.

“So many metro Detroiters have chosen Grand Rapids as a place to live because it shares so much of Detroit’s history and values,” Pikula says. “We’ve fielded many requests over the years to take Buddy’s there and we’re glad to finally be joining the community

Slated for the menu are a number of Buddy’s award-winning Original Detroit-Style Pizzas, as well as gluten-free pizza, salads, burgers and more.

A selection of Grand Rapids craft brews will be on tap, along with Buddy’s own signature craft beers, Bocce IPA, and Buddy’s Brew — introduced for their 70th anniversary in 2016. Made at the Birmingham-based Griffin Claw Brewing Company, it incorporates American Pale Wheat Ale which offers a subtle sweetness, due to its ingredients of coriander and grapefruit peel. It’s perfect for Beer City.

The Grand Rapids Buddy’s Pizza location will open this Spring.

What are your favorites spot to grab a slice of za?

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