Cocktail Recipe: Ask Your Mum

Ask Your Mum
Photograph by Ashley Davidson

Flavor is certainly not at the expense of presentation for the craft cocktails served at Detroit’s Kiesling, a bar housed in a building with over 125 years of history. Bar manager of the Milwaukee Junction joint, Robert Wilson, shares the recipe for one of the standouts of the season. Ask Your Mum, a fruity nightcap, is served with a lemon peel and a 2-inch cube of ice, stamped with the signature Kiesling “K”. Chrysanthemum, a featured ingredient, contains Vitamins A and C said to boost the immune system – just in time for flu season.


1 ½ oz. rye whiskey
½ oz. Cynar
½ oz. Averna
1 tsp. chrysanthemum syrup
2 drops grapefruit bitters
2 drops orange bitters


Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass, add ice, and stir. Pour over a king cube and garnish with an expressed lemon peel.