>>> “When I’m not at the restaurant and actually have a day off,” says Jared Bobkin, executive chef at Local Kitchen & Bar in Ferndale, “I like to check out the hot spots ranging from downtown Detroit to Ann Arbor.” However, one of his all-time favorites is just a stroll down Nine Mile Road. “China Ruby has been my hidden gem for 20 years,” he says of the Chinese spot. “Since I was about 10, I’ve always eaten the General Tso’s chicken medium spice, with hot and sour soup. I can’t remember the last time I ventured from my norm.” Still, he says he tries not to go to the same places too often “so each time I go I get to enjoy how new things are. I tend to spend the majority of my days off eating.” A recent adventure was to Standby. He’s also “a sucker for a bowl of noodles,” he adds. “When I’m not eating I’m catching up on sleep (my record is four naps in one day).”

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