Deja Food

Deja Food

Male Bonding Over Beef and Martinis

My first trip to an upscale restaurant was Darby’s, on West Seven Mile Road near Wyoming Avenue in the mid ’60s. I was about 14 and had caddied for my dad at Roseland Golf Club in Windsor. We had never gone out to dinner just the two of us. Actually, going out for dinner was a rarity for my family. Darby’s was a dark, mysterious, masculine place.

I ordered a hunk of some kind of beef, like my dad did. He surprised me by ordering a dry martini as a preprandial. I had never seen him have an alcoholic beverage. He must have thought that I was mature because he offered me a taste. I hated it but didn’t let on, of course. After all, we were two men out on the town. That meal was a true bonding moment. I made sure to have that same kind of moment with my son when he was an early teen.

—Bobby Frank, Ann Arbor



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