Deja Food

Show Me the Money (Tree)

In 1982 when my husband, Bill, and I were first dating we went to The Money Tree. Although the restaurant was in the basement of a bank building on West Fort Street it was white-linen dining. You could watch the feet of people walking by, and on weekend nights there would be musicians, usually a guitar or violin. It soon became our favorite restaurant. The food was superb, but what was really outstanding was the creme brulee avec Grand Marnier. The second time we ordered the creme brulee it was sold out. We soon had a favorite

waiter, Anthony, and learned that if we wanted the creme brulee that we had to order it when we went in. One evening when the check came, Bill found that he’d neglected to transfer his wallet to his fresh trousers. We had visions of washing dishes, but Anthony came to our rescue and paid the bill (which we paid back the following day). The restaurant and my dear husband are both gone now, but wonderful memories linger on. — Virginia Johnstone, Detroit 


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