Déjà Food: A Fresh Apology from Joe Muer’s Chef


My husband, Tom McGuire, and I were big fans of the original Joe Muer’s on Gratiot. We decided to eat there on our wedding anniversary one last time before they closed. We ordered champagne and had a wonderful meal (bouillabaisse for him, the flounder stuffed with crabmeat for me). While the waiter cleared our plates, we were asked how the meal was. My husband remarked that the stew was good … but needed some fennel. The waiter came back to the table and announced that the chef would like to speak to my husband in the kitchen. Tom was gone for more than 10 minutes while I finished off the champagne alone. When my date returned, he told me that the chef had gone to the market that morning and could not find any fennel. The chef wanted to apologize for that omission.
Mary Ellen Lemire, Huntington Woods  

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