Déjà Food: Early Farm to Table?

Before we married, my husband and I frequented the Farm House restaurant on Nine Mile Road in Hazel Park in the 1980s. We have many fond memories of getting to know one another over dinner.

The Farm House was owned by two sisters who always did their best to make you feel like you were dining in their home. The ambience was always warm and inviting, and the waitresses were old school. They had stuffed pork loin and stuffed veal breast on the menu, favorites to this day, although now I have to make them at home! My husband enjoyed their liver and onions.

When we arrived for dinner, the first thing we would do is make a request: Reserve two pieces of homemade raspberry pie. Otherwise, they sold out by the time we were finished with dinner.

— Jill Bush, Grosse Pointe Woods


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