Déjà Food: Tips For Window Shoppers


The original London Chop House was Detroit’s most famous and glamorous restaurant, known for its food and for being frequented by celebrities. As a struggling Wayne State student, I was thrilled to be invited there about the time that the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s was released. In the movie, Holly Golightly was taken to an expensive restaurant. When she suggests she needs to visit the restroom, her date hands her $100 for the attendant. Holly goes to the restroom and climbs out of the window with the money. At the Chop House, I had a marvelous Dover sole. After the meal, I mentioned that I should visit the restroom, and my date handed me $5 for the attendant. Of course, I didn’t climb out the window, but it was a perfect night with memories I’ll never forget.

— Nancy Pietraszkiewicz, Rochester Hills

/// Got A ‘Déjà Food’ Tale? 

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