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PUNCH IT UP /// In a word, Punch bowl Social in Detroit is big. Big flavors, big space, one big adult playground. There’s karaoke, bowling, arcade games, and more. Complementing the fun to be had in the 24,000-square-foot space is the menu, which features from-scratch dishes packed with flavor; for example, the popular Chicken and Waffles combines sweet and savory with a panko-breaded chicken breast over a malted waffle, topped with chipotle pecan maple syrup. About 60 percent of the ingredients are sourced within a 100-mile radius from purveyors such as McClure’s Pickles and Zingerman’s, interim executive chef Sergio Romero says. Nine out of 12 beers on tap are Michigan-based, and cocktails such as the Same Thing We Do Every Night, Pinky stars local products Short’s Soft Parade and McClary Bros. Apple Pie Shrub. Punch Bowl Social, which was started in Denver and has locations in Oregon and Texas, is “excited to be a part of [Detroit’s food scene],”Romero says.“We choose our cities very carefully,and we wanted to be a part of the resurgence, this renaissance.” 1331 Broadway St., Detroit; 313-749-9742. B, L, & D Mon.-Sun., Br. Sat-Sun.

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