Healthy Options

Grass-fed, organic meat and non-GMO fare put a fresh spin on burgers

From its earthy decor and natural lighting to a menu featuring organic ingredients, everything is fresh at Brome Burgers & Shakes, a downtown Dearborn spot that opened in October.

“We wanted to bring a new concept to the city … a healthy spin on an American classic,” says owner Sam Abbas.

Brome — named for a type of grass family — isn’t a typical burger joint. It serves never-frozen, grass-fed, antibiotic-free, organic beef.

According to Executive Chef Zane Makky, some 90 percent of menu items are made in-house, and many ingredients are locally sourced, including beef and chicken from regional Amish farmers.

Brome’s “fresh-casual” menu features beef, chicken, haddock, and vegetarian dishes — but no pork, as the restaurant is halal. Hand-spun shakes come in natural vanilla bean, plus flavors like Butterfinger and cornflake.

An organic vegan patty called the “Vegumami” comes with tomato and braised onions. Other choices include the “One-Eyed Brome,” with a fried egg, avocado, and beef bacon, and “Dante’s Heaven,” with turkey bacon, ghost pepper cheese, and habañero sauce.

Brome also offers several versions of Kennebec potatoes fried in non-GMO sunflower oil, sweet potato fries or tots, smoked brisket sliders, fresh salads, a kid’s menu, and organic, all-beef hot dogs.

With its “ethically sourced” ingredients and efforts to reduce waste, Brome’s overarching theme is sustainability. Design details reflect that philosophy. Inside the 3,700-square-foot space are wooden tables from Reclaim Detroit and shelves fashioned out of material saved from the Dearborn Railroad Station. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlook a patio with white tables enclosing planted trees.

There’s an indoor garden where guests are encouraged to celebrate their “roots” and plant their own herbs, which Makky will use in some recipes. Also inside the building are two huge blooming walls of self-sustaining plants with irrigation and nutrition systems. —Jenna Wos

22062 Michigan Ave., Dearborn; 313-996-5050. L & D daily.