Hot Spot: October 2015


TRIZEST RESTAURANT /// This “hot spot” really does offer some of the spiciest dishes in town. The name means “triple spice,” and you should take that seriously. The Szechuan chefs turn out the real thing and although there are some Americanized dishes for those who can’t quite tackle the real thing (there’s one in every group), the bulk of the menu offers such authentic house specials as quick-fried pig’s kidney, pickled vegetables and fish in a spicy hot pot, and Sichuan lamb in spicy bean sauce. All of the dishes are eminently sharable. Décor isn’t the draw — it’s definitely the palate-tingling food as more and more people, Asian and otherwise, have discovered.

33170 Dequindre Rd., Sterling Heights; 586-268-1450. L & D daily