Hot Spot: Supino Pizzeria



Dave Mancini is single-minded about his menu. It doesn’t stray far afield from the title of the restaurant he named for his father’s hometown in Italy. The Eastern Market spot has been a hit almost since it opened in 2008. While there are still plenty of “pepperoni people” who stop by, the hot pizza lately is the Bismarck, which is topped with fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, and four sunny-side up eggs (on the large). It’s a classic pie, he says, one that he first encountered in California. Patrons order at the counter inside this unpretentious storefront and then sit, if they choose, at recycled worktables from a Flint plant. In addition to pizza, there’s a mixed-green salad, one pasta dish (manicotti), and one dessert: crespelle, a crêpe with chocolate and pistachios. That’s it, and it’s plenty, although a liquor license is in the works.

2457 Russell, Detroit; 313-567-7879. Closed Monday;